Silica Sand

General Description

High quality raw silica sand is excavated selectively to ensure high content of SiO2, required grain size and low content of impurities. This is monitored and controlled by routine analysis for all sand deliveries. We process silica sand in four stages including washing, sieving, attritioning and drying to produce industrial white silica sand having an extraordinarily high purity, with SiO2> 99.5%. The grain size ranging from 0.125 to 3.00 mm and our most modern High-Tech sieving facilities can provide different size distributions for different requirements and we can tailor-make as per customer's requirements. GREAT WALL MINERAL is proud to offer large quantities of high purity Silica Sands natural resources to the world market. 
Physical Characteristics

  • Sandstone is a friable & hard
  • grain size of the particles is variable
  • It is friable & mainly brown to grey in color

Grades :

  • Special Grade: intended for the manufacture of high grade colorless glass such as; Crystal Glass, tableware & other decorative wares
  • Grade1. Intended for the manufacture of decolorized glassware, such as containers.

Different sizes of silica sand produced

Size in mm Mesh Size (US)
0.3> 50>
0.5> 35>
0.2-0.5 (35 - 75)
0.3-0.6 (30 - 50)
0.30-0.85 (20 - 50)
0.425-0.850 (20 - 40)
0.60-1.18 (16 - 30)
0.71-1.18 (16 - 25)
0.85-1.70 (12 - 20)
1.0-2.0 (10 - 18)
1.0-3.35 (6 - 18)

Silica (SiO2):  99.57%
Iron (Fe2O3):  0.02%
Aluminum (Al2O3):  


  1. Filler in GRP Pipes
  2. Foundry Sand
  3. Fracturing and Cementing in Oil Wells
  4. Additive in Construction Chemicals & Sealants
  5. Filter Media for Water Filtration & Purification
  6. Filler in Paints and Powder Coats.
  7. Raw Material for Glass Manufacturing
  8. Sand Blasting

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