Selected Minerals Customised For Industry
Great Wall Mineral offers a wide range of industrial mineral products to various end use applications. New and improved grades of our products are continually being developed in co-operation with customers to meet their immediate and future needs. Ownership of mineral mines and long-term relations with selected mineral suppliers ensures long-term stability and a constant supply of quality products well into the future.

Mica Sheet & Flakes
  Muscovite Mica
  Phlogopite Mica
  Biotite Mica
  Calcined Mica
  Golden Mica
  Crystal Mica Powder
  Ice Mica Powder
  Synthetic Mica Sheets
  Synthetic Mica Powder
  Silicon Treated Synthetic Mica
  Air Process Synthetic Mica
  Sericite Mica Powder

Insulation Products
  Mica Tape
  Mica Paper
  Mica Roll
  Mica Plate - Thick
  Mica plate - Flexible
  Mica Plate - Rigid
  Mica Parts & Components
  Mica Insulator
  Mica Teating Element
  Etched Foil Mica Heater
  Epoxy Fiber Glass Products

Mineral/Glass Fiber
  Fiber Glass
  Plugging Agent
  Drilling Mud
  Mineral fibre
  Ceramic Fibre
  Cellulose Fibre
  Composite fibre
  Tourmaline Powder

Perlite, Vermiculite
  Vermiculite Ore
  Raw Vermiculite
  Crude Vermiculite
  Silver Vermiculite
  Golden Vermiculite
  Expanded Vermiculite
  Vermiculite Concentrate
  Growing Medium

Mullite & Quartz
  Quartz Sand
  Quartz Powder
  Quartz Blocks
  Silica Sand
  Silica Powder

Cobbles & Pebbles
  Paving Cobbles
  River Pebbles
  Colored Stones

  Chrome Oxide Green
  Milori Blue (prussian blue)
  Micaceous Iron Oxide

  Food Grade CMC
  Oil-Drilling CMC
  Ceramic CMC
  Battery Grade CMC
  Toothpast Grade CMC