Modern life would be impossible without minerals. They are used in the production of everything from paint to cosmetics, fertilisers to sound proofing, concrete to ceramics. GWM mines, processes and manufactures a wide range of mineral products for a diverse range of applications. We are proud of the technical knowledge we have of many industries enabling us to customise our products to meet customers' specific requirements.
Please make your selection from the left-hand navigation menu where many of the industries that we currently serve and their applications are listed. Under each application you will find some general information and our product features. You can also find out about the product by clicking on the links. Information is kept current and new industries/applications are added with our regular updates.


Selected minerals and products including precast shaped and advanced refractory products.  

Refractory materials and products for foundry, glass, steel, ceramic, incineration and chemical industries.  

Minerals for production of car components, sound damping and asbestos replacement.  

Unique products for decorative and industrial paint, flame retardant coatings and marine applications.  

Flame retardants, reinforcing and high density fillers for the plastics, rubber and cable industries.  

High density concrete or loose ballast in applications such as pipe coating, counterweights and radiation shielding.