We supply minerals and mineral products to the steel industry, including Quartz, Fluorspar and Olivine. Fluorspar is used as a slag conditioner to help make slag more liquid, enabling smoother pouring of molten steel. It is also used to remove sulphur from steel, reducing brittleness and improving flexibility. Quartz and Olivine are used extensively as refractory raw materials, as a slag conditioner in blast furnaces and as a tap hole filler in electric arc furnaces.

In addition to supplying raw materials, we have extensive technical expertise through our service-orientated sales engineers and technical staff, and are constantly researching new uses for these and other products.

The requirement for slag-free tapping is essential to realise the objective of producing clean steel. The use of slag darts as a means towards achieving this aim in the steel making (BOF) process is already well known. Great Wall Mineral supplies slag limiting solutions to leading steel producers worldwide. 

All products are manufactured under an approved ISO 9000 quality system. GWM personnel have many years' practical experience in the design and application of slag limiting devices and other refractory products, and can provide our customers with a full technical support service.

See also our Refractory section.

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