GWM supplies a wide range of refractory materials to industries ranging from foundry, steel and cement to glass, ceramic, chemical and incineration. The materials we supply are used in the manufacture of insulation products for all high temperature industrial applications.

Our processing facilities give us excellent control over quality and logistics. We use the very latest equipment to prepare materials to precise customer specifications, working with our customers to devise new products and blends that deliver significant cost savings.

Raw materials are used in the manufacture of product groups that include monolithic castables, refractory bricks, pre-cast shapes, tundish insulation masses, gunning materials and plastics. All our production facilities operate advanced quality control procedures to ensure we consistently comply with our customers' most stringent expectations.

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Muscovite Mica
Phlogopite Mica
Biotite Mica
Calcined Mica
Golden Mica
Crystal Mica Powder
Ice Mica Powder
Synthetic Mica Sheets
Synthetic Mica Powder
Silicon Treated Synthetic Mica
Air Process Synthetic Mica
Sericite Mica Powder
Vermiculite Ore
Raw Vermiculite
Crude Vermiculite
Silver Vermiculite
Golden Vermiculite
Expanded Vermiculite
Quartz Sand
Quartz Powder
Quartz Blocks
Silica Sand
Silica Powder
Fiber Glass
Mineral fibre
Ceramic Fibre
Cellulose Fibre
Composite fibre
Tourmaline Powder
Mica Tape
Mica Paper
Mica Roll
Mica Plate - Thick
Mica plate - Flexible
Mica Plate - Rigid
Mica Parts & Components
Mica Insulator
Mica Teating Element
Etched Foil Mica Heater
Epoxy Fiber Glass Products
Chrome Oxide Green
Milori Blue (prussian blue)